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Alleluya 5 Voice Healing Chant July 12, 2006

Posted by Strephon Kaplan-Williams in Chants.

– Strephon Says 26 Alleluya 5 voice healing chant

This five-part chant is for healing. It brings disharmony into harmony. Listen over and over and it will reblend your chaotic emotions into creative harmony, restructure chaos into transcendence and grounding.

This Alleluya is a form of Dream Chant discoverd by Strephon Kaplan-Williams from his work with the harmonium of India. Just like in dreaming you allow yourself to go into a gentle trance state in which you tune into a transcendent place within yourself, the Source, wherein a healing and universal harmony exists if you can let go enough to let it come through and sound it.

Strephon has sounded all the parts, including his trance guitar played on a fine Spanish flamenco guitar which also has great resonace the way Strephon plays it in a trance state.

A trance state can occur when you let go of known ways of doing music and allow a spontaneous process to develop which is not your personal ego and its learned patterns.

Trained musicians at first find Dream Chant difficult or impossible to do since they are trained to follow notes, keys and already composed compostions. They are trained to stay on key. Perfect pitch is a scientific measurement but not necessarily a positive standard for tuning into Source energy and inter-harmonizing with it. A musician’s goal is too often perfection. The goal of trance work is to allow the Greater Center, to source the sound, the music, the beat, the harmony with some discord to be with it.

Dream Chant, or Trance Chant, must have been the way music originated. People got together thousands of years ago. Someone started a basic and beautiful sound and others came in and danced in harmony around it until a beautiful and powerful blending developed.

The ancients did not go to music school to learn how to play music. Nor do you if you can let go of control while developing through sound a profound relation to a source greater than your own ego.

Yet to start you can play this and other of Strephon’s chants over and over and let them begin to harmonize you by evoking your own Source healing. Then when you have let go enough you will find your own sound to blend in to these sounds. It will come naturally enough when you are ready.

This is good to play over and over and make your own sound to it as you meditate or work at the computer.

Of course, the more you live in harmony with a greater Source inside and related to you in many aspects of life the more you will be able to Dream Chant.

Folks can find this process scary because at first they may experience themselves making weird and irrational sounds. This seems to be because they are controlling personalities who have learned to live by collective norms. They may like certain forms of already developed music and live their sound expression through known songs and compositions. Thus people can scream away and express themselves while mouthing someone else’s song. It is far harder to develop your own songs by letting go to your own true and transcendent center within.

Strephon has spent many years working as a dream pyshotherapist and teacher, often doing profound healing work with people. Dream Chant has been part of his work with people, expecially in healing workshops and trainings around the dream and its dreamwork.

All material copyright and used only with permission for commercial purposes.



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