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Forth Fret Guitar Meditation July 17, 2006

Posted by Strephon Kaplan-Williams in Chants.

– Strephon Says 27 Forth Fret Guitar Meditation

Meditative Spanish guitar by Strephon. Healing sound to play over and over to give lyric expression to your various feelings. Music of integrity to evoke the heart. Listen and let go . . .

Music is often played to entertain. Strephon’s chanting and trance guitar playing is for touching the heart. First his own heart and then the hearts and emotions of those who listen and open.

This is not New Age mellow or superficially happy to make you feel good. Nor is it chaotic, wild, or traditional.

Your best way to listen is to let the sound play over and over. During your meditation be aware of the feelings and images that may begin to flow. This is your inner content being evoked from your core being and your unconscious.

Yet since Strephon has done much healing work with people his music recreates the many aspects of people’s emotions that Strephon has assisted towards healing places.

Perhaps for this reason some have described Strephon’s sounds as sincere, directly of a real heart, of real feelings, and thus healing and evocative for others who can begin to listen to their own authenticity being evoked by this wonderful hand-crafted Spanish Flamenco guitar in Strephon’s hands. As he says,

“I play automatically, letting the fingers do the work, letting the sounds and rhythms come, letting the many soul-filled words of the many people who have shared their intimate secrets and feelings with me come through. Of course my own soul feelings are always evoked. The music is always fresh I believe because it is authentic. The music is not composed, nor is it made to entertain or show how good I am as a musician or composer. There must be no ego in it when I play. I think it is this transparency that allows my body simply to play over the guitar strings and transcend the mechanics of playing into a soul-filled sound-field itself where we all touch in our common humanity. Just think of me as soon leaving this earth. I have lived my life as I have lived it. I am alive in all my essence but my body takes this guitar in a moment of time and plays from me and for me and all of you a bit of the essence of whom I have been when so very much alive.“

In this sense of the Ur Grund, the ground o being, there is no death or limitations due to personality. We are bathed in a mixture of soul sound and the heart-beat of the Great Mother Sound, the Universal Heart, the palpitations of universal energy that sustain us as organic and orgasmic flesh on this earth, and sustain the universe itself.

Thus through music do we transcend ourselves, no clapping needed, no entertainment, no marveling from a distance, but only direct heart emmersion into what is for us Life.

Listen until you are beyond words, beyond willing, beyond desireing, but deeply in a reflective and healing process.

Strephon Kaplan-Williams, speaking also with his beloved guitar



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