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Strephon-Kyria Church Chant December 24, 2006

Posted by Strephon Kaplan-Williams in Chants.

Strephon-Kyria Church Chant

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You must have courage to allow transcendence into your life.

At its best the Kyria arouses in one that special feeling deep in ones breast of the Greater Transcendence of God. How can words express such a feeling? You must do it, be it, for the full experience.

Even if you do not the chant out-loud in a specific place, like a church when no one else is around, you can still observe, hear and be with the Kyria Chant through inner listening and seeing.

This is how Strephon, in his acceptance and in his imperfections as a human being does the Kyria Chant.

There are monasteries where younger human beings do a Christian form of the Kyria. These are devotional and beautiful indeed in their perfection.

One must not mistake perfection or perfect harmony for the experience of transcendence.

We experience transcendence through direct experience of our mortality rent wide open to allow the soul, the immortal part of ourselves, reach out and touch the Living Source. This is the Greater Power, residing at the core of The Universe itself, which is within and without.

In everyday terms we do not neglect the devotional aspect of our being. We give ourselves daily to Greater Guidance, to the Centering Forces at work in us and through us.

Now that this Kyria Chant is preserved it can be used sometimes as part of ones daily meditation. It is used so by Strephon himself.

Strephon calls this Dream Chant because he has discovered that the source of the music is not composition notes but a free flow of sound-soul already originating in some deep place within.

While tradition preserves in remembered notes how others have done the Kyria, when Strephon does the chant he listens and sings. Thus the improvisation works to bring in connection with transcendence, leaving personal ego aside.

Form reveals Source, and Source reveals Form. We listen and the chant comes.

Note how in harmony the camera person, Susan, moves around the church recording the devotional work of others to create the whole which is the beingness of the particular church come alive in an instance.

This Kyria does not have Christos words in it. It is universal, rather than strictly Christian. It allows for individual spiritual experience, however you might or might not feel it.

Use it as you will. If you look and hear with it, truly take the time with no distractions and present your whole being. Maybe such a state only comes after many experiences of the Kyria. You may want to eventually add your sound to what the recording brings to you through your computer used as a electronic window into Universal Soul.

God is present everywhere . . .



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